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Our mission

We strive to breed the utmost in quality Labrador Retrievers.  Our dogs are members of our family.  We want to provide the same loving companions to all who purchase Peertree Acres Labradors.  The purchase of pups from each litter allow us to donate most all pups to non-profit organizations providing service dogs at no charge to those in need. 
We are honored to have the opportunity to serve in this capacity.  
We are proud of our association with CHAMP Assistance Dogs, St.Louis, Puppies with Purpose, Columbia, MO, and Patriot Paws Service Dogs, Rockwall, TX.  

Because your pup will be a part of your family for many years, as a pet or as a service dog, we have spared no expense in having our Labradors genetically tested to ensure your pup is free of common genetic inherited diseases. For more information about this important topic visit: WHY WE TEST 

Each litter is born under our supervision and raised for the first 8 weeks in our home.  We love the experience of socializing and training the pups.  When they go home with you they are happy, playful, and healthy.  Because of the experiences we expose them to in their first months of life they are accustomed to a variety of noises, activities, grooming, children and other dogs.  They are ready to go home with you!!!

Our pups as they have grown in to beautiful happy dogs. 
Thanks to the many families who continue to send us photos and messages about these Peertree Acres pups!!

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